Tuesday, January 25, 2011

City Adventure

Philly is full of life and interesting people and places. Over the past week I took a trip to Dick Blick, which was my first time there. I was really impressed by the quantity and quality of the supplies it carried. Being my first day of gathering materials, I had a lot of things that I needed and was able to find them all. Unfortunately art supplies is expensive and its rather hard to carry paper pads through the city; especially if it's an awkward 36" newsprint pad. Philly was also lucky enough to get snow and a delay. I ventured around Temple campus observing it at night as well as during the day. I find that Temple, in this freezing weather, with it being damp, is like a twilight zone. Every light radiates like its foggy and all the people are bundled up and are being unsocial, just trying to make it to somewhere warm. In the day time though, light brings the campus and neighborhoods back to life and everything seems more hopeful because its a new day. Most of the time the cloud cover hovers above the city, giving it a feeling that its closed in. I also found that Temple has these random spots of nature that people usually take no notice of. I'm most drawn to these spots, it's like their invisible to everyone else though.

Lecture Hall #1

Today in lecture hall a Susan Moore talked to us about studying abroad in Rome. She is a teacher there and    returned to the states for the semester. Most of the art kids there are painting, drawing, and history major. She explained to us that it was a great program that teaches you so much about the culture. There was also a student that talked about his experiences in Rome and how easy it is to travel once you're there. One of the women from the study abroad program also talked to us about the different aspects of going studying abroad. Over all it confirmed the feeling of wanting to go.